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Benefits Of Laser Therapy For Pets
October 28, 2021

Did you know that laser therapy can be a great way to treat many ailments in our furry friends? Laser therapy–also called cold laser therapy or low light laser therapy–uses light waves to stimulate cells and tissues, which helps promote healing. An Emerson, NJ vet lists some key benefits of laser therapy for pets in this article.


Laser therapy can be used to treat a wide variety of issues in our animal companions. It is most often used to treat arthritic dogs. It also helps promote healing in various tissues, such as the ears, skin, and gums. Other conditions it can help with include acute and chronic ear infections, dental problems, dermatologic disorders, fractures, hip dysplasia, inflammatory bowel disease, infections, osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, periodontal disease, and sprains and strains, to name just a few.

Quick Sessions

Another benefit of laser therapy is the fact that the treatment sessions are quite short. Most sessions only take about 10 to 15 minutes. That makes them very easy to schedule. Treatments can also be repeated as often as needed.

No Side Effects

Modern medicine has opened some amazing options, and it truly can work wonders. However, some medicines do present a risk of side effects. That is definitely something to consider when going over treatment options for your beloved pet. That isn’t the case with laser therapy, though. There are actually no known adverse side effects. That alone is a wonderful benefit!

It Works

Veterinary laser therapy isn’t as new as one may think: it’s actually been around for decades. It hasn’t persevered for no reason: it’s been proven to be both safe and effective. Although some pets need to have multiple treatments before making visible progress, some show marked improvement after just a one or two sessions. We love seeing an old dog getting more mobile and playful again! Of course, every pet is different. If you think your furry pal may benefit from laser therapy, ask your vet for more information.


One thing to consider when deciding on any treatment option for your furry friend is the level of comfort or discomfort involved for them. Laser therapy is completely painless. In fact, many pets seem to enjoy it. Some even doze off during their treatments!

Do you want to learn more about laser therapy? Contact us, your Emerson, NJ animal clinic, today!