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Meet the folks who make it all happen. We see big potential in every moment, & care deeply about what we do every day.

Dr. Christian Hurst

Dr. Christian Hurst

Co-Owner, Veterinarian, Imagineer

When he was a boy, Dr. Christian Hurst’s family dog, Barney, was injured by another dog in the neighborhood. Dr. Hurst never forgot the helpless feeling he experienced in that moment-he vowed to never feel that way again! He decided to pursue a career in veterinary medicine and improve the lives of as many pets as he could.

Dr. Hurst grew up in Alexandria, VA and Cincinnati, OH, and attended The Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine to receive his veterinary degree. In the summer of 2000, he took his first job in Xenia, OH as a small and large animal veterinarian. A year later, he moved to Detroit, MI to work in emergency medicine before coming to NJ in 2002. Dr. Hurst has extensive experience in general, emergency, and referral medicine, having worked in 2 of NJ’s largest referral centers prior to opening Animal Care of Oradell.

By June of 2012, Dr. Hurst decided to work for himself and launch his very own animal hospital. He took a year off to obtain financing and design Animal Care of Oradell, and successfully turned his long-time dream from a bare 1940′s garage into the modern full-service hospital that it is today! Around the clinic, Dr. Hurst is particularly fond of diagnostic work, as well as surgery for the creative hands-on skills it requires.

You might have watched Dr. Hurst and his wife Dr. Suzanne May, co-owner of the hospital married on the popular reality show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. With the help of the show’s hosts Dr. Hurst surprised Dr. May with a beautiful impromptu wedding complete with canine ring bearer-Stanley, the couple’s beloved late-greyhound. As a family they enjoy hiking, traveling, and spending time by just about any body of water. Dr. Hurst loves a good road trip and has driven from Ohio to California, traveled California’s scenic coastal highway, and visited many of the nation’s most beautiful national parks.

Dr. Suzanne May

Dr. Suzanne May

Co-Owner, Veterinarian, Board Certified Internist

Dr. Suzanne May simply cannot remember a time when she didn’t want to be a veterinarian. She’s always been struck by the unconditional love that flows between a pet and their owner and strives to do everything in her power to nurture that bond.

Dr. May is a Jersey girl and grew up in neighboring Ridgewood, NJ. Her parents’ careers in scientific education inspired a love of nature and a weakness for animals early on. She attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst for her undergraduate studies, then moved to Columbus, OH to receive her veterinary degree at The Ohio State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine in 2001. After working in Michigan and New Jersey, Dr. May headed to New York City to complete an internal medicine residency at the Animal Medical Center- the large and challenging caseload there taught her more in two years than she could have learned in a lifetime elsewhere! Dr. May is a rare find in a general practice being one of only 4 board certified internists practicing outside of a referral center making her a perfect choice for pet parents looking for specialty care in a more intimate setting.

Dr. May and her husband opened Animal Care of Oradell in 2013. Dr. May loves new pet appointments and having the opportunity to influence pet owners positively from the start. She also loves that every day is different, and each one offers endless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Dr. May, her husband, and their son Shane share their lives with three amazing furry characters, Snax AKA cute face, Kiki, a rescued Siamese, and Nama a rescue doodle.

When she has time away from her veterinary duties, Dr. May enjoys spending time in nature with her family. Hiking, kayaking, paddle-boarding, swimming, and snowboarding are just come of the activities they enjoy. While quiet time is tough to come by these days, Dr. May also loves yoga, meditation, and reading.

Dr. Jennifer Schuler

Dr. Jennifer Schuler


It all began when Dr. Schuler was just two years old. While watching the Lion King, she became very upset to see an animal hurt and told her mom “Simba’s daddy go bye-bye”. That passion for animals grew over time, and when she got her first dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Max, she experienced first-hand the amazing power of the human-animal bond. Today, Dr. Schuler hopes to share in that journey with owners and their pets.

Growing up, Dr. Schuler tried to get as many animal experiences as possible. She attended ranch camp and went on horseback riding vacations. In high school, she began volunteering at an animal shelter before attending University of Delaware to obtain a degree in pre-veterinary medicine. In college, Dr. Schuler landed her first job as an assistant at a veterinary hospital and was able to explore other areas of animal care through internships with zoo and farm animals. For several years, Dr. Schuler shadowed with Animal Care of Oradell before being hired as an assistant. From there she moved on to attend Tufts Veterinary School. In July of 2022, she returned to Animal Care of Oradell and is excited to come back to one of the places that helped her get to where she is today!

Clinically, Dr. Schuler has a particular interest in surgery, as it serves as challenging but rewarding hands-on work. She also enjoys behavior, because it provides an opportunity to help owners understand their animal’s actions and emotions. Overall, Dr. Schuler appreciates the variety of veterinary medicine – one minute she can be helping an owner with their new puppy or kitten, the next she could be in surgery, the next she could be doing dermatology or cardiology or neurology. 

Outside of work, Dr. Schuler has a couple of pets of her own, including a rescue terrier named Rhys and a hedgehog named Needle. Rhys loves cuddling and walks, but his absolute favorite activity is playing with toys. He can be fast asleep in another room, but as soon as he hears the slightest squeak of a toy, he is zooming to play! Needle excels at sleeping – often snoozing for 20 hours a day!

In addition to her passion for animals, Dr. Schuler also has a passion for music. Growing up, she played trumpet and clarinet, and was a member of the University of Delaware Marching Band. She is also an avid reader, and is currently working on writing her own novel. Other interests include horseback riding, soccer and traveling. Some of her favorite memories include horseback riding along the mountains and skydiving over a glacier in New Zealand, playing a pickup game of soccer with locals in Costa Rica, and playing concerts in Europe during a band trip in high school.

Dr. Daniel Tierney

Dr. Daniel Tierney

Associate Veterinarian

The youngest of five, born and raised in Weehawken, NJ, Daniel grew up in a household filled with cats, dogs, hamsters, fish, and lizards. That upbringing helped lay the groundwork for caring and respecting animals. As he grew older, he also developed a passion for science – particularly biology. And while a career in human medicine was the original plan, Daniel found the thought of working with four-legged patients to be more appealing. Having worked with Dr. Suzanne May for many years in the past, Daniel decided to join us here at Animal Care of Oradell, where he is honored to be an advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Daniel completed his undergraduate work at Cook College, Rutgers University, where he began taking classes in animal science and fell in love with the idea of veterinary medicine. While in school, he worked as a veterinary assistant and quickly moved up to technician. Following college, he attended the University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine where he earned his DVM. Clinically, Daniel has a special interest in surgery and finds the ability to repair, alter, and improve healing of the body amazing. He also enjoys getting to know his clients and patients and helping to foster the human-animal bond.

At home, Daniel is happily married with three young children. The family is made complete with two dogs – Bean, a boxer mix who has always been a nervous nelly and thinks he’s a lap dog, despite his 62-pound frame; and Bandit, a pit-bull/lab/shepherd mix who would play fetch until he passed out. Both are extremely gentle, yet fierce protectors of the children. While work and family leave little room for hobbies, Daniel does enjoy reading the occasional sci-fi novel, listening to entertainment and crime podcasts, and building collector level Lego sets.