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Practice Manager

Having spent 27 years in the veterinary field, it’s safe to say that Mary knows a thing or two about helping animals. She decided to bring her wisdom and experience to Animal Care of Oradell, where she is excited to continue applying her skills and passion for pets and people!

Born and raised in New Jersey, Mary grew up in a household with her parents and brother. Her professional career began at Cresskill Animal Hospital, where she worked as a receptionist/assistant while in college. From there she worked her way up to a technician role. After she completed her college studies, she took a manager position at Oradell Animal Hospital and spent 12 years there helping animals with their ailments.

When it comes to her role at Animal Care of Oradell, Mary knows that her skills and ability to work with both people and animals come in handy. She loves showing up to the hospital every day ready to assist any animal that comes through the doors if needed. She also enjoys working with her fellow staff members to make sure that they are equipped to serve people and pets with excellence and be the best version of themselves they can be.

Mary resides with her 2 children and 5 pets, which include 3 cats and 2 greyhounds. In her free time, you can find her exercising, enjoying the outdoors, or at the beach soaking up rays with her family and friends!



Veterinary Technician

Ever since she was younger, Kaitlynn has always felt a spiritual connection to animals. That’s a big part of the reason why she is currently a vet technician at Animal Care of Oradell. Working with animals isn’t just what Kaitlynn does – it’s the essence of who she is. Animal Care of Oradell has given her an opportunity to work with like-minded people who feel as strongly about animals as she does!

Her journey into the veterinary world began when she worked at animal practice as an assistant/receptionist. She learned many different aspects of the veterinarian world throughout her professional career and now she’s able to apply all of those lessons to her current position at Animal Care of Oradell.

Kaitlynn admits that working with animals helps her counter her ADHD. Since ADHD depletes dopamine aka the “happy hormone,” she’s able to replenish this hormone by being around furry, lovable creatures. Nothing beats that blissful feeling of a dog happily wagging its tail and licking your face. And nothing compares to that loving feeling of kitty playfully head-bumping you!

Having spent most of her life in Bergen County, NJ, Kaitlynn grew up playing sports. Whether it was soccer, baseball, boxing or karate, she embraced being an athlete. She names Steve Irwin as her inspiration for her love of animals.

There are many aspects of the job that Kaitlynn enjoys but dentistry is the one thing she truly loves. Dentistry gives her the opportunity to concentrate on charting teeth, taking dental radiographs, scaling and polishing teeth.

Currently, Kaitlynn’s pets include a pup named Mya and a rabbit named Sir Lionel. She absolutely loves watching them interact with each other. She names water as her “happy place,” hence her love for kayaking and paddle boarding!



Veterinary Technician

Everyone has a particular aspect of their job that they love. Nicole’s favorite part about being a veterinary technician at Animal Care of Oradell is nursing. Nothing brings her more joy than tending to animals, assisting doctors and helping her patients with whatever they need. As a veterinary technician at Animal Care of Oradell, she’s able to do all of this on a daily basis!

Nicole always knew that she wanted to work with animals in some capacity. To test the waters and see if veterinary life was really for her, she began working as a veterinary assistant at the local animal hospital. Once she witnessed firsthand what vet technicians did on a daily basis, she was hooked. She knew it was exactly what she wanted to do!

Her first experience working with animals was in high school. Nicole majored in small animal care at her trade school, then followed that with a vet assistant job at her local animal hospital. She graduated from the Veterinary Technology program at Bergen Community College, an accomplishment she proudly refers to as her “greatest feat.” All the experience she gained at these previous stops helped her quickly adjust to her position at Animal Care of Oradell.

Nicole enjoys appointments for her patients, especially exams that involve puppies and kittens. She also takes pleasure in monitoring anesthesia and interacting with her patients. One of her guilty pleasures is cleaning her patient’s ears. While it may sound weird, she finds taking a dirty ear and transforming it into a clean ear to be extremely satisfying!

When Nicole isn’t at the animal hospital, you can find her at home hanging out with her husband and two cats, Kasper and Summer.



Veterinary Technician

When Emily started working at Animal Care of Oradell 2 years ago, her goal was simple: get her foot in the door. Now she’s a veterinary technician at the practice who has left her mark at the animal hospital. Safe to say, she has met and exceeded her goal!

What intrigued her the most about the position? Two things. First, Emily loved the closeness of the staff; she was impressed at how well everyone worked together as one unit. The other thing was the small, intrapersonal relationships the staff had with pet parents. 

Emily enjoys many aspects of being a Veterinarian Technician but her favorite part of the job is the nursing aspect. She loves performing tasks, such as treatments and taking blood from animals, assisting the doctors and making sure pets enjoy their visit at the clinic. She also finds monitoring anesthetic procedures to be particularly satisfying; nothing makes her feel better than sending patients home in better condition than when they arrived.

Emily recalls a time when she was younger when she peered out of her bedroom window and noticed a figure slowly moving in the middle of the road. She went outside to investigate and was surprised to find that the figure was a baby turtle! She took the turtle inside and safely returned it back to a nearby lake. That incident helped her realize that she had a natural knack for caring for and protecting animals.

Emily has a long list of personal interests. She loves rock-climbing; the self-sufficient nature of the sport is what draws her in the most. She also enjoys listening to music; so much in fact, that she attends concerts with her friends whenever she can. Drawing is another one of her favorite pastimes – she finds it to be a great way to relax and unwind. 



Veterinary Technician/Assistant

Everyone has their own unique calling in life. Ever since she was young, Victoria knew that her calling was to help others, both people and animals. It’s no surprise she’s now a veterinary technician at Animal Care of Oradell. Not only does she get to work with adorable animals every day and help heal and save their lives, she also gets to work with a wonderful team of like-minded people who also want to help furry creatures!

Victoria was born and raised in New Jersey, and grew up in a household with her parents and two sisters. She credits her family for guiding her on the right path – they have pushed her to be better at everything in both her career and in life.

Her journey officially started while working at an animal hospital. This gave her the opportunity to shadow professionals and learn firsthand about the veterinary world, this experience proved to be very valuable. She was able to feel, see and experience working in the veterinary field, and ultimately decided that it was what she wanted to do with her professional life. This prompted her to apply to the veterinary technician program at Bergen Community College. Once she was accepted, her entire life changed!

Victoria admits that her favorite part of her job is interacting with pets and having them leave the hospital happy and healthy. This feeling brings her joy and makes her feel like she did her job to the best of her ability.

In her free time, Victoria enjoys going to the movies and attending sporting events and concerts. You can also find her curled up reading a good book, listening to her favorite tunes and spending quality time with her friends and her godson.



Veterinary Assistant

Ever since he was a boy, Micah has been all about protecting animals. He realized at a young age that animals need human beings in their corner to fight for them and protect them. Now that he’s a veterinary assistant at Animal Care of Oradell, Micah is certainly doing his part to help animals by healing and helping them!

Born and raised in Garrison, NY, Micah grew up with his parents, brother and dog. He was very much into sports, but being around animals always brought him joy. His first gig working with animals was at Trevor Zoo when he was in high school. While studying Biology at the University of Washington, he kept a close eye on the veterinary world that he would soon enter.

Micah enjoys several aspects of being at Animal Care of Oradell. He appreciates the high quality of care that the staff brings to the table, and enjoys the challenge of enticing animals to be cooperative since each one is different.

Micah lives with his parents and their smart, food-motivated dog named Simba. When he’s not busy working at the animal clinic or playing with Simba, you can find Micah engaged in outdoor activities like kayaking and hiking!

Fear Free Certified Professional


Office Manager

Every company, institution and hospital has certain employees who have been there since the beginning. These individuals are a part of the core foundation of the company and have helped the organization achieve success. Tracy Baron is one of these people; she has been a part of the Animal Care of Oradell team since it opened. Today, she holds the ever-important position as office manager, making sure everything runs smoothly on a day to day basis!

There’s no complicated backstory, deep reason or underlying motive for Tracy’s decision to enter the world of veterinary medicine. She simply wanted to help those with no voice. Animals are voiceless creatures who need love and working with them and helping them was a perfect scenario.

To show just how comfortable she is around animals, Tracy is fear-free certified. She uses fear-free techniques every day at the clinic to cater to the physical and emotional well-being of her patients. It also helps her to deal with any fear or apprehension they may have.

Tracy is a native of New Jersey. When she’s not at the animal hospital, you can find Tracy at home spending time with her husband and 2 children. She also has a rescue dog named Winnie who keeps her busy!




There are many times when a student does an externship at a company, and then ends up working there in the future. This is precisely what happened to Maryury. She was introduced to Animal Care of Oradell via an externship and now she holds a permanent position as an assistant!

Maryury moved to the United States at a young age, residing in Bloomfield, NJ with her mother and two siblings. She was always a self-professed science geek and loved learning about any and everything related to science.

Initially, Maryury wanted to have a career in the medical field. She originally wanted to be a nurse (influenced by her aunt, who was a nurse), but quickly realized that it wasn’t for her. All she knew is that she wanted to help and aid those that don’t have a voice for themselves, so working with animals was the perfect fit. 

When she began her externship at Animal Care of Oradell, Maryury was studying the veterinary tech program at Bergen. Her passion remains anything related to diagnostics and lab work and still plans to pursue a career with that focus.

Maryury has 3 cats: Paris, Milo and Kenny. Paris is rambunctious with strangers, but a sweetheart to her loved ones, while Milo is the mischievous one who is always up to something. Kenny is the affectionate one, who always wants to cuddle! 

When she’s not hanging out with her cats, Maryury loves spending time with her family, painting and gardening.



Customer Service Representative

You never know where life is going to take you. One day you have a job walking dogs and the next day you have a job speaking to dog owners on the phone at an animal hospital. This is precisely what happened to Lory at Animal Care of Oradell. Before joining the Animal Care of Oradell team, Lory was a dog walker. Now she does her best to assist pet owners and their pets.

Lory’s favorite part about working at Animal Care of Oradell is interacting with pet parents on a daily basis. Nothing makes her happier than answering questions and alleviating concerns. 

A native of Bergenfield, NJ, Lory currently shares her home with her 12-year old Husky named Shia and her 1-year old Pomeranian, Benny. When she’s not at the animal hospital, you can find her taking her pups on long walks.



Customer Service Representative

From dogs to guinea pigs, Jeannette grew up around all sorts of animals. Being around them generated a genuine interest in helping them whenever they fell sick or got injured. It comes as no surprise that today she is a receptionist at Animal Care of Oradell and is able to be around those furry creatures she loves so much all day long!

Jeannette attended Bergen Community College and studied in the technician program. She was hired as an assistant/technician at a local animal hospital, where she got familiar with dogs, cats and a variety of exotic animals. From there, she moved to a receptionist position at another animal hospital, except this one specialized in rehabilitation. Her latest and current stop finds her at Animal Care of Oradell. 

As a receptionist at Animal Care of Oradell, Jeannette happily assists pets and their pet parents. Not only does she enjoy seeing and meeting a variety of cute cats and adorable dogs, she’s also able to interact with their owners. 

Aside from an interest in animals, Jeannette has an interest in promoting special needs advocacy and mental health awareness. In fact, she is mental health aid certified.

Jeannette enjoys spending “mommy” time with her 2 children, along with spending time with her husband and their French Bulldog, Archie. When it comes to her favorite hobbies, she likes going out on walks, randomly dancing, and attending church outreach programs. And if you’re lucky enough, you just might find her outdoors, zipping around the roads while riding quads with her family!

Leo the Cat

Leo the Cat

Resident Hospital Cat

Every creature on Earth simply wants to be loved. This is especially true for Leo, Animal Care of Oradell’s most recent furry addition. Leo doesn’t just receive love from the staff at the animal hospital – he gives out plenty of love, too!

Leo, a 16-year old orange tabby cat, found himself at Animal Care of Oradell when his previous owner moved into a senior living facility. Not being able to take Leo with him, the owner left the feline in the loving care of the clinic. Naturally, the adjustment to a new environment took some time but Leo now feels right at home. Inside the clinic, he has five large windows, a comfortable birch platform and a great view of Kinderkamack Road all to himself!

While the staff tends to patients and their pet owners all day, you can find Leo quietly slinking through the clinic, finding someone’s unoccupied lap to lay on. And when he’s feeling a little bit mischievous, you can find him digging his paws into someone’s lunch!