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White mutt dog with brown right cheek and ears

National Mutt Day Is December 2nd 

If you’ve been wondering when to celebrate the best day of the year, we have…
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Blue bird pecking on food in the snow

How Can I Keep My Bird Warm in Winter?

We love birds, but we also know that birds are not built to handle the…
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Terrier on a basket with flowers and pumpkins around

Tips on Keeping Your Dog Safe During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together and eat lots of food, but…
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Dachshund in a comfy couch

What Dog Is Best for an Apartment?

We know what you’re thinking: “I love dogs, but I live in an apartment. How…
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Small brown gerbill peeking from a shirt pocket

Which Small Pet Is the Friendliest? 

Having a small pet (also called pocket pets) is one of the greatest joys in…
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Gray cat playing with a purple-pink yarn

 Fall With Fluffy

Autumn is officially upon us. This can be a dangerous time of year for cats!…
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Brown adult dog on a lady's lap huggin him

Senior Dog Care Tips

Did you know that dogs all age at different rates? Small dogs may not become…
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Vet in blue uniform patting a dog on head

Check The Chip Day

Check The Chip Day is today, August 15th! This is one topic that is relevant…
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Yorkie dog face laying on the floor

Yorkie Day

It’s Yorkie Day! These cute pups may be small, but they have big personalities and…
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