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And Meow, A Word About Rescue Cats
March 1, 2024

International Rescue Cat Day is on March 2nd! We are thrilled to offer Fluffy some extra attention on her special day. A large number of our feline patients were rescues. These furballs may have once struggled, but they are now leading the cozy life of well-cared-for pets, lounging on laps and in sunbeams, investigating any boxes their people bring home, and generally being cute. Giving a rescued cat a second chance can make a big difference in both Fluffy’s life and yours. An Oradell, NJ, veterinarian discusses rescue cats in this piece from Animal Care of Oradell your Oradell, NJ pet hospital, also serving Emerson, Bergen County, NJ and surrounding areas. 

What If I Come Upon a Cat That Needs Rescue?

You are under no obligation to retain a cat that you find on your own. However, Fluffy might still need help. By all means, assist the kitty if you can. Just providing food, water, and veterinary treatment can make a huge difference. You may also want to consider fostering your new feline friend until she is adopted.

If you stumble across a sick or injured cat, we advise taking Fluffy to your Oradell, NJ veterinarian as soon as possible. This may need going to an emergency clinic. However, if it’s after hours and/or the cat doesn’t seem to need immediate care, you can bring Fluffy home first. Keep her in a peaceful, cozy space with bedding, food, drink, and a litterbox. Bring your feline friend in the next day.

Until your veterinarian in Norwalk, CA gives you the all-clear, make sure to keep your new companion isolated from other animals and kids.

What Is The Universal Kitty Distribution System?

The Universal Cat Distribution System is an enigmatic mechanism that connects cats and their assigned owners. This mechanism is often at play in circumstances in which cats appear out of the blue in people’s lives. Fluffy has a tendency to show up on people’s porches out of the blue, steal their hearts, and end up being adopted. The UCDS also sometimes chooses roadsides, bushes, work places, parking lots, trails, or even dumpsters as meeting spots.

What Are The Statistics Concerning Rescue Cats?

The statistics for rescued cats are not encouraging. The precise number of homeless cats in the US is unknown, but estimates range from sixty to one hundred million. Sadly, these figures seem to be rising.

Although a lot of homeless cats do wind up in shelters, things do not always work out well for them there. Nearly 3.4 million cats are brought into shelters annually. Roughly 1,3,000,000 are adopted. Regretfully, 1.4 percent are euthanized.

Are Rescue Cats Troubled?

Each of our feline friends is special. Some cats will jump right onto your lap and snuggle up with you as though they’ve always been there. Others just need time to adjust.

As far as health care, most kitties are pretty hardy, but some cats may require more attention. Speak with your Oradell, NJ veterinarian and the shelter about the care requirements of any sick or special needs cat before you adopt her. That said, Fluffy may not be harder to care for than any other kitty: she may just need extra TLC.

Remember, many kitties have trouble coping with significant changes. It might take Fluffy some time to become used to her new environment and feel secure. 

Why Do Rescue Kittens Show Such Love?

Many individuals say that their rescue cats are significantly more cuddly and loving than regular kittens. Even though we don’t have any concrete statistics on this, it makes sense. Cats remember things extremely clearly, and they definitely recall and value those who have shown them kindness.

What Must You Do Immediately Following a Cat Adoption?

Contacting your veterinarian should be first and foremost. Fluffy will need an exam, and will have to get caught up on any necessary vaccines or parasite control products she requires. Your appointment schedule should also include microchipping, as well as spaying or neutering if that hasn’t already been done. 

A visit to the pet supply store is also essential. Fluffy needs a carrier, toys, bowls, a scratching post, a litterbox, and a cozy bed or ten. (A cat tower would not be unappreciated.) 

How Can a Human Create a Bond With a Repaired Cat?

This can take two minutes, two days, or two years. It just depends on the kitty! Just remember: you can’t hurry love.

Here are some pointers:

  • Playtime: Have fun with your new animal companion! Hold a wand toy or laser pointer for Fluffy to pounce on.
  • Conversation: Speak to your animal friend in a cheerful, happy voice.
  • Invitation: Extend your hand toward Fluffy. When she gets close, let her smell your hand and give her a gentle pat on the forehead or ears.
  • Munchies: Stick to healthy choices, such as lean meat, fish, or chicken without skin, bones, or fat.
  • Snuggles: Never force cuddles on Fluffy, and don’t stop her if she walks away.
  • Kitty Comforts: Your feline overlord will feel more at ease if you provide her with all of the requisite kitty luxuries, like beds, boxes, cat towers, scratching posts, nibbles, and catnip.
  • Hiding Spots: Give your cat safe havens to hide if she gets nervous. Although cat condos are great, you could also offer a cozy box.

For more information, speak with your veterinarian in Norwalk, CA. We’re also happy to offer tips on Fluffy’s dietary needs and maintenance schedule.

What Are Some Bits Of Adoption Advice For Rescue Cats?

Adopting rescue cats can be a beautiful experience. This is also a great way of finding Fluffy. However, before taking a rescued cat home, there are a few things to think about.

Be Ready To Give Your All: Any pet adoption requires a lifetime commitment. Think about your budget and schedule, as well as your partner, children, pets, and/or roommates. You may be committing to more than ten years of meows, headbonks, and purrs!

Think About Getting Two Rescue Cats. If you’re pet-free, consider getting two furry friends. Many cats like having buddies. Plus, they can share many things.

Let Fluffy Assimilate Into Your Home Gradually: Provide a peaceful area for Fluffy to settle in: This is especially important if you own other pets! When your veterinarian gives the all-clear, keep them apart and gradually introduce them.

Petproof: Cats are very curious and frisky little animals! That can be dangerous. You’ll need to address all and any potential dangers. These include small or sharp objects; plastic bags and ties; ropes and strings; toxic plants; chemicals, including car products, fertilizer, cleaning products, and insecticides; and medication.

Additionally, we strongly advise you to check that your doors and windows close securely. Ask your vet for more information.

Enjoy The Experience: Cats are not only very cute, they’re also cuddly, hilarious, and, well, a bit extra. It’s normal for your heart to melt the first time Fluffy cuddles up to you or begins to purr when you stroke her cute face. Adopting a rescue kitty can be an amazing experience. Enjoy it! 

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