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Your Trusted Veterinary Care Provider Since 2013!
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Your Trusted Veterinary Care Provider Since 2013!

Your Trusted Veterinary Care Provider Since 2013!

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Serving Oradell & Emerson, NJ and surrounding areas

A Hospital with a Heart

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Quality, Compassionate Vet Care in Oradell, Emerson and Beyond


Pet ownership means many different things. For some, it’s about having a loyal companion to come home to after a long, hard day. For others, it’s about snuggles; wet, slobbery kisses; or deep, throaty purrs. For others still, it’s about a connection that transcends the spoken word yet somehow touches our very souls. 

Whatever sharing your life with a companion animal means to you, the team at Animal Care of Oradell understands exactly where you’re coming from. That’s because we’re more than just veterinary professionals. We’re pet parents, just like you. In fact, it’s the bond we share with our own furry or feathered family members that makes the level of care we provide so unique. We treat our patients with gentle compassion because we love them just as our own!

At Animal Care of Oradell, we strive to make vet visits a positive experience for everyone. Whether it’s padded tables, warm blankets and treats for your pet or WiFi and beverages for you and your family, we go the extra mile. If you’re in the market for an Oradell or Emerson vet that’s different from all the rest, we invite you to give us a try.

Call or stop by today. We can’t wait to meet you!

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We provide individual care and support to each person and pet we serve.

A Hospital with a Heart

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