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Adopting A Senior Cat
October 28, 2021

November is Adopt A Senior Cat Month! We love seeing older pets getting second chances. Kittens may be adorable, but cats in their golden years also make great pets. An Oradell, NJ vet offers some tips on adopting an older feline in this article.


Senior cats are just as cute and lovable as kittens. Many of them are quite the little cuddlebugs, that just want to snuggle up on their humans’ laps. Another good thing about older furballs? They aren’t as frisky or mischievous as kittens. You probably won’t have to worry about plucking Fluffy off your shower curtain or disengaging her from your ankle. Older kitties are also quite easy keepers. They spend most of their time sleeping! Plus, the commitment is shorter than it is with kittens. That can also be beneficial to some.

Kitty Comforts

A trip to the pet store is definitely in order. Keep your feline friend’s age in mind as you’re shopping. Fluffy will need a high-quality food, one that’s appropriate for older cats. We also recommend getting a litterbox with low walls, as these will be easier for her to get in and out of. If you want to get your furball a cat tower, pick one that’s easy for her to get on and off. Your new kitty will also need some toys and, of course, a few comfy beds.

Helping Fluffy Settle

Our feline pals are definitely creatures of habit. It may take Fluffy a while to adjust to her new home, and to feel safe. If you have other pets, keep them separated at first. You’ll need to make introductions carefully. Ask your vet for more information. (Note: This is also something to consider before adopting your new kitty. A senior cat may not be able to get away from a rambunctious puppy or kitten!)

Purr Activation

One of the first things you’ll want to do is take Fluffy to the vet. Just like people, kitties can develop medical issues as they age, so a full exam is a must. This is a great chance to get some customized care advice for your new pet. Aside from that, just give your furry buddy great TLC, and let her get settled. Purrs from senior cats are truly precious!

Does your senior cat need veterinary care? Feel free to contact us, your Oradell, NJ animal clinic, anytime!