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Puppy Training Tips
October 28, 2021

Have you recently welcomed a new canine companion into your household? Congratulations! There are few things that can bring more joy into your life than a new puppy. Of course, little Fido has a lot to learn in that first year. Your furry pal’s petucation should definitely be on the agenda. Read on as a local Oradell, NJ veterinarian offers some advice on training the little guy.

Start With The Basics

Fido is very smart! The average pup can learn as many as 165 words or phrases. However, you don’t need to teach your pooch to get you a drink or turn out the lights. The five commands all dogs should know are Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. Leave it is also very useful. Teach your adorable pupil these first. Work on one at a time, and don’t move on until you’re sure your furry friend has mastered the current lesson. (Tip: you may find Sit easiest to start with.)

Make It Fun

Our canine pals love to please their humans, and they also really enjoy learning new things. You’ll be doing both you and your pooch a favor by keeping training sessions positive, upbeat, and enjoyable. Treats help with this, but don’t skimp on ear scritches, praise, or belly rubs, either.

Don’t Overdo It

Dogs have pretty short attention spans, except perhaps when watching us cook bacon. Fido may get bored with long daily classes. Keep training sessions short and sweet. About ten minutes a day should do it.

Offer Rewards

Fido won’t be particularly impressed by a sticker or a gold star, and he’s not very interested in grades. Use treats, praise, and compliments to reward him for getting something right, and to help boost his confidence. For treats, use small, bite-sized morsels. Otherwise, you could overfeed your furry student!

Be Consistent

It’s easy to forget that Fido doesn’t really speak our language, and can get confused by different but similar phrases. To him, Sit and Fido, sit down right now are not the same things. Use the same words or phrases every time.

Avoid Negative Associations

There are many different ways to train dogs. However, we advise against using things that provide negative reinforcement, such as shock collars. Focus on rewarding your canine buddy for doing well.

Do you have questions about dog training? Contact us, your Oradell, NJ pet hospital, today!