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Ways To Keep Fido Fit This Winter
January 15, 2022
Just like people, dogs often have pretty divided opinions over the cold. While some, such as huskies, love it, others don’t like being outdoors on frigid days. Walking Fido is definitely more fun in warm weather! Of course, many of our canine patients don’t get as much exercise at this time of year as they do in summer. An Emerson, NJ veterinarian offers some advice on keeping your pup in shape below.

Doggy Daycare

Do you have a super active dog? Consider enrolling him in doggy daycare. Fido will be able to run and play with his buddies while you’re at work. Or, hire a dog walker to stop in and take your furry friend out.


Fetch is a great indoor doggy workout. Of course, you will need to choose a safe spot, one without a lot of breakable objects.

Stair Runs

Want to take it up a notch? Incorporate stair runs. Go to the top of the stairs, holding your canine friend’s favorite squeaky toy or stuffed animal, and call him to you. When he reaches you, toss the toy down the stairs. Chances are, he’ll grab it and run it back to you. Even a few rounds of this can get Fido’s heart rate up!


Do you have a treadmill? You may be able to teach your four-legged buddy to walk or run on it. Start with the slowest setting, to help Fido get used to it. For safety reasons, always remove your dog’s collar before his session, so he can’t get caught. Also, supervise your pet closely, and never leave him on a treadmill unattended.

Doggy Sports

If you and your furry best friend love the outdoors, and have a taste for sports and adventure, you may want to try a few different things. There’s skijoring, which basically entails teaching Fido to haul you around on skis. There’s also kicksledding, which is a mild version of dogsledding. You may even be able to take your pup hiking or snowshoeing with you!


Keep in mind that all of our canine companions are unique, and they each have their own exercise needs. Ask your vet what is and isn’t safe for Fido. Also, take care not to overexert your pooch! As your Emerson, NJ animal clinic, we’re dedicated to offering top-notch care. Please feel free to contact us anytime!