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8 Things Fido Wants For Christmas
December 15, 2021
Season’s Greetings! Are you still working on your shopping list? We might not be able to help much with picking gifts for your boss or the elderly aunt who has everything, but we can offer some ‘pointers’ on what to get your canine buddy. A Champaign, IL vet lists some of the things on your pup’s wishlist in this article.


We all know that dogs love to play. All that running and jumping is of course fun for Fido, but it also provides him with both physical activity and mental stimulation. Get your furry pal some different types of toys. Your dog may like some that he can just chase and play with, while others may provide more entertainment or comfort.


It’s probably safe to say that many of our four-legged patients will be enjoying some extra snacks over the next few weeks. Just stick with healthier options. Or, try making your own! Look online for recipes that use safe ingredients.

Yard Pupgrades

Do you have a yard for your canine pal to patrol? Add a few things for Fido. A doghouse is of course a great option, though it may not get used much in winter.

Pupscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are always good options for people. Did you know that there are also some just for Fido? These are great for pups that go through toys very quickly.


Your canine companion will spend about half of his time sleeping. Get him a good doggy bed to be comfy in as he’s dreaming of bacon, toys, treats, and squirrels. Orthopedic beds are excellent options for older dogs. Small dogs may prefer beds with raised sides.


We know, we mentioned treats already. However, Fido does deserve something extra special, given that he’s been a good boy. Just don’t go overboard with fatty foods.

Stocking Stuffers

Many people give beauty products, such as lotions and perfumes, as stocking stuffers. This works for pets, too! Paw balm, brushes, dental chews, and pet wipes are a few good choices.

Belly Rubs

Dogs are incredibly loyal, which is one reason they’re just such wonderful pets. Fido really just wants to spend time with you. Vowing to carve out more quality time with your furry best friend is a great resolution! Happy Holidays from Animal Care of Oradell, your Champaign, IL animal clinic. Call us anytime!