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Keeping Your Cat Safe Over The Holidays
December 1, 2023

The holidays are ramping up into full swing … and many of our feline pals are ramping up into full frisky mode. Fluffy’s frisky streak will definitely come into play over the next few weeks. You may need to do some extra pet parenting to keep your furball happy, healthy, and safe. A local Emerson, NJ veterinarian offers some tips on this below.

Catproofing Your Tree

Many cats immediately turn their mischief settings up to 11 the moment they spot that pretty tree. As far as Fluffy is concerned, the tree is a giant cat tower hung with shiny kitty toys. Trees also ignite kitties’ instinctive needs to climb and scratch things. Decorating carefully can help quite a bit. Only put a few things on the bottom half of the tree. Put most of the decorations, including tinsel, lights, and fragile ornaments, on the top part. It’s also best to avoid putting the tree near things your furry friend can jump off, such as couches, desks, and chairs.  

Decorate Carefully

The tree isn’t the only petproofing concern. Anything ropy or stringy can be dangerous to your feline buddy. (It doesn’t help that Fluffy is often most interested in playing with things that aren’t safe for her, which is a whole other topic.) Small or sharp objects are also unsafe. Unfortunately, seasonal plants can be dangerous as well. Some toxic ones include holly, ivy, mistletoe, poinsettias, and Peace lilies. Candles should also be kept in spots your furball can’t get to.

Offer Safe Foods

Fluffy will definitely appreciate a special snack. Just stick with safe options. Don’t offer anything that contains grapes, currants, or raisins; garlic or onions; chocolate; seeds or pips; caffeine; or alcohol. Other unsafe foods include meat on the bone, raw dough, nuts, mushrooms, and any foods that contain xylitol. Ask your vet for more information.

Keep Kitty In 

We can’t overstate how much safer cats are inside. This is true all year long, but is especially important in cold weather. Your kitty’s fur coat doesn’t really offer complete protection from the cold. Keep your furry friend safe and sound indoors.

Watch For Signs Of Stress

Keep that motor going! Our feline buddies are creatures of habit, and can get distressed by changes to their schedules or environments. If Fluffy seems uneasy, pay her some extra attention. 

All of us here at Animal Care of Oradell, your local Emerson, NJ veterinary clinic, wish you a wonderful holiday season. Contact us anytime!