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Ginger Cat Appreciation Day
September 1, 2023

Today, September 1st, is Ginger Cat Day. Quite a few of our feline patients are redheads. While every furball has their own unique personality, ginger cats do tend to share some common traits. These orange balls of fur tend to be vocal, charming, and very charismatic. A Emerson, NJ vet lists some fun facts about orange kitties below.

Orange Cats Are Mostly Boys

Here’s an interesting tidbit about ginger cats: the vast majority of  them are male. This isn’t a coincidence. The gene for that pretty red fur is always on the X chromosome. Because females are always XX, the kittens need copies from both parents. This can actually give you a bit of insight into Fluffy’s family tree. All male gingers have at least one ginger parent. However, if you have a redheaded female, then both her parents were gingers.

Ginger Cat Coat Patterns

Fluffy can sport either long or short fur. She may even wear curls! As far as patterns go, ginger cats can pick one of five options: classic (or swirled, as they’re sometimes called), mackerel (also called striped), spotted, patched, and ticked. Colorwise, redheaded kitties may go from a pale cream color to a vibrant red.

Tabby Cat Vs. Ginger Cat

Ginger cats are always tabbies. They all have the agouti gene, which is responsible for their coats. However, not all tabbies are gingers.

Ginger Cats Have Freckles

Did you know that ginger kitties can have freckles? These usually start coming in when Fluffy is about two years old. They are cosmetic, but you should contact your vet if you notice anything unusual.

Fun Facts About Ginger Cats

Learning about Fluffy can be tricky, just because our feline pals tend to ‘quit’ research programs. However, recent studies have brought some interesting facts about ginger cats to light. Sort of. A 2012 study indicated that they are especially affectionate, while a 2016 study suggested furry redheads may have a stronger prey drive than other kitties. However, there’s still plenty of research to be done here.

Celebrating Ginger Cats

If you have a ginger cat, this is a purrfect time to show Fluffy some extra TLC. Pick up a new toy for your feline buddy! If you want to stay on-topic for your night’s entertainment, well, you can’t go wrong with the Garfield movies, Milo and Otis, or Puss N’ Boots.

Please contact us, your Emerson, NJ pet hospital, for all your kitty’s care needs. We’re here to help!