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How To Work Like A Cat
August 1, 2023

Work Like A Dog Day is August 5th! Fido has had a variety of jobs over the thousands of years we’ve known him. But what about our feline friends? While Fluffy’s main careers have been in modeling, therapy, and pest control, she’s actually dabbled in quite a few fields, including acting, spycraft, and politics. If kitties actually did have a work ethic, what do you think their main rules would be? An Emerson, NJ vet offers some insight in this article.

Get Plenty Of Rest

This one would likely be Fluffy’s Golden Rule, if she had one. Cats actually may go a little too hard on this one: they can sleep up to 20 hours a day. You don’t need to go quite that far, but it is important to get a good night’s rest.


Have you ever watched a kitty hard at play? Fluffy has laser-focus on her intended prey, whether it’s a catnip mouse, a moth, or a spot of light reflected from someone’s watch.

Be Observant

Our feline pals are actually quite observant. Fluffy may notice that squirrel in the yard before you do, and she’ll definitely take note of anything new you bring into the house. Pay attention to your work environment, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. That’s how you learn!

Keep Purrfecting Your Skills

Fluffy may never have to actually ‘hunt’ anything other than a dust bunny, but she’ll still be driven to practice her pounces and scratches. Those lion instincts are pretty deeply ingrained! Always look for ways to grow and learn your craft.

Lean Into Your Skill Set

Ever notice how Fluffy is great at napping, but not so good at taking orders? Everyone is unique, and we all have different talents and abilities. Move in the direction of the things you both enjoy and excel at, even if that means taking small steps at first.

Put Your Best Foot (Or Paw) Forward

Kitties are very clean, and they’re quite diligent about keeping up with their beauty rituals. Always look clean and well-groomed for work.

Take Pride In Your Work

It’s important to get fulfillment from your work. Fluffy looks adorably proud of herself when she nails that tricky run/jump/pounce combo, or drops a dead mouse on your doorstep!

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