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Summer Kitty Care
June 1, 2023

Summer is on the way, and many of our feline buddies are quite happy for the return of warm weather. Fluffy has more birds to watch and more sunbeams to sprawl out in! However, the heat can be very dangerous for kitties. You’ll need to take a few precautions to keep your furry pal comfy and safe. A local Emerson, NJ vet discusses summertime cat care in this article.


Our feline friends can’t cool off by sweating if they get too hot, and panting isn’t very effective for them. The best way to help Fluffy beat the heat on those sweltering summer days is to make sure she has plenty of fresh, cool water. You can drop an ice cube into her bowl when it’s really hot. Or, just give her one to bat across the kitchen floor. Kitties’ paw pads also help them regulate their temperature, so this can be a fun way to keep your pet cool.

Preventative Care

Parasites such as fleas, ticks, and heartworms, are much more prevalent at this time of year than they are in the cold months. While it’s important to keep Fluffy protected all year, it’s particularly crucial now. Making sure your furry friend is current on her recommended vaccinations is also important.


Do you enjoy gardening? Many popular plants are toxic to kitties. Lilies are particularly deadly to cats: even nibbling a single leaf or drinking a bit of the plant’s water can cause organ failure. Keep any unsafe plants well out of paws’ reach. (The ASPCA has a great resource for this here.)


Fluffy is pretty good at getting comfortable. (Actually, that’s an understatement. Kitties are absolute experts at lounging around.) Your furry buddy should always have access to rooms or areas cooled by fans or AC. If a heat wave comes through, you may want to take a few additional steps. Keep a few clean towels in the freezer, and put those in your pet’s beds. You can also offer your feline pal frozen snacks. Several companies now make ice cream just for kitties! Just stick with products made specifically for cats: our ice creams have too much fat and sugar for pets, and may contain ingredients that are toxic to them.

Please contact us with questions about cat care. As your local Emerson, NJ veterinary hospital, we are always here to help!