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Spring Cleaning For Pet Owners
April 1, 2023

Spring has officially arrived! As things warm up again, many people are rolling up their sleeves and diving into some deep cleaning. Pet owners may want to add a few extra things to their to-do lists over the next few weeks. An Emerson, NJ vet offers some advice on this below. 


You may find yourself dealing with some extra fur as your four-legged pal discards their winter coat for summer wear. Brushing your furry buddy daily is the best way to stay ahead of the furplosion. Take Fido outside for his beauty sessions, so that dead hair just blows away. (Tip: wear an apron for this.) Birds may also use that fur to make their nests! It may still be a little early for your canine pal to get his summer haircut, but it’s probably time to make that appointment. 


Fido and Fluffy really do put the ‘fur’ in furniture. To remove pet hair from upholstered pieces, try using a damp sponge, rubber dish gloves, or a squeegee. You may also find it helpful to vacuum high-traffic areas and your four-legged friend’s favorite spots daily. As far as dust goes, use a feather duster for those hard-to-reach spots, like fans and high corners. Start at the top and work down. Remember to change your air filters, too! 

Mud Busters 

Those April showers may bring May flowers, but they also bring a lot of mud. Put a thick bath rug outside the door that you and your canine buddy go in and out of. Look for one with deep pile: those are quite absorbent, and can be good at cleaning dirty paws. You can also wipe Fido’s furry feet down yourself. Keep a water bottle and some rags handy, and teach your pooch that he’ll get a special snack for letting you give him a pawdicure. A steam mop can be very helpful for quickly cleaning up the tracks that you do find on your floor. Spray mops with a pet-safe solution also work well. 

Out With The Old 

Go through your fuzzy friend’s belongings. Toss and replace anything that is at the end of its days, such as old toys. This is also a great time to wash Fido and Fluffy’s bedding, toys, and, if applicable, clothes. 

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