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Senior Dog Care Tips
March 1, 2023

Dogs are incredibly faithful: their loyalty is truly remarkable. Your pet’s love and devotion won’t fade as he ages, either. In fact, Fido somehow becomes even cuter and more lovable over time! However, your canine pal will need some extra TLC in his golden years. An Emerson, NJ vet offers some information on caring for an older dog below.

Adjust Fido’s Workouts

Fido may start out life as a furry, four-legged rocket on paws, but by the time he reaches his golden years, he’ll have slowed down quite a bit, and won’t have as much strength or stamina. You’ll need to take care not to overexert him, especially in hot weather.

Provide Good Traction

Slips and falls can be very dangerous for older pooches! Keep Fido’s claws trimmed, and make sure that he has good traction.

Keep Up With Veterinary Care

Your furry buddy will benefit from seeing his doctor more frequently as he ages. It’s important to keep close tabs on his health! Follow your vet’s recommended checkup schedule.

Watch The Weight

Obesity can cause or contribute to many different health issues in pets. This issue is quite common in senior dogs, as they just aren’t as active as their younger counterparts. Offer Fido a good, high-quality food, but don’t overfeed him. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Keep The Pup Comfy

As the saying says, comfort is king. Make sure your canine buddy has a good doggy bed to curl up in. Proper grooming, climate control, and small touches, like pet ramps and stairs, can also make things a little easier on your furry best friend.

Take Time To Play

Fido will never get tired of letting his inner puppy out. You may just need to change things up a bit, and start choosing games and activities that provide more mental stimulation, rather than physical exercise. Ask your vet for tips on this.

Enjoy This Time

Sadly, the time we have to spend with our furry friends often passes much too quickly. Savor this special stage in Fido’s life. Taking a relaxing stroll with your old buddy or just hanging out with him may be small moments, but those are often the ones we savor most. Pay lots of attention to your canine companion, and keep that tail going! 

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