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Senior Dog Care Tips
September 1, 2022
Did you know that dogs all age at different rates? Small dogs may not become seniors until they are 11 or 12, while big dogs hit their golden years around 7. As for medium dogs, well, they’ll fall somewhere in the middle. No matter what group your pooch falls into, he’ll need some extra care as he ages. An Emerson, NJ vet lists some tips on this below.

Adjust As Needed

Your canine pal’s basic needs—food, water, veterinary care, and, of course, love—won’t change. However, you will need to make some adjustments. With older dogs, the focus should be on keeping Fido comfortable, rather than entertaining him. This may mean making small changes, like adjusting his play sessions to things that stimulate him mentally instead of burning off the zoomies. Roll with it!

Keep Up With Grooming

Regularly brushing and bathing your canine buddy will help keep him looking and feeling clean and comfy. Dental care and nail trims are also important. Keep up with Fido’s beauty care! This will keep him looking and feeling good.

Watch The Weight

Fido won’t be as active as he once was, and he won’t burn off as much energy as he did when he was little. That makes it easy for your pooch to pack on extra weight. That can put a lot of strain on his bones and joints! Pay attention to portion sizes, and don’t go too crazy with the treats.

Provide Small Luxuries

Comfort is definitely king here. Things like soft beds, pet ramps or stairs, warm jackets in winter, and nightlights can all make life easier for your furry friend. Sometimes it’s the little things!

Talk To Your Vet

Fido will become more susceptible to certain health conditions, such as diabetes and arthritis, as he ages. You may need to bring him in a bit more often. Talk to your vet about your pup’s changing care needs, and get some advice on adjusting things as your four-legged buddy ages.

Tail Wags

Your dog may get scared and confused by the changes he’s experiencing, and may need a bit more comfort and attention. Enjoy this time with your canine companion! After years of love and loyalty, Fido definitely deserves those treats, ear scritches, and words of comfort. Here at your Emerson, NJ animal clinic, we’re dedicated to helping our furry patients age gracefully. Contact us anytime!